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Assistance that Caters to Needs

Every person who has struggled with substance abuse has a different and unique story. Because of this, it is not surprising that treatment needs to cater to patients and their specific needs. Those with substance abuse issues austin concerns can find help. In some instances, this will involve coping with emotional issues, steaming from abuse and other things.

There are inpatients at Austin Oaks Hospital that are trying to cope with maladaptive behaviors, as well. This facility meets patients where they are and offers treatment that is relevant to these states. Adult patients living at this hospital facility are 18 years old and up. They are provided with psychiatric services and various other programs, depending on their needs.

Offering a Stable Environment

substance abuse issues austin

Patients at this facility are assisted by first of all being in a stable environment. Rapid stabilization and effective transition into this home and community is important. It helps to lay the foundation for treatment and therapy approaches. For some patients the stability of this setting is what they need to pursue emotional and physical recovery.

Diverse Therapy Options

Individual, group, and family therapy options are available at this hospital facility. Expressive and recreational therapies are unique strategies that are utilized here, as well. Catering to specific patient needs often requires having diverse options to choose from. One important goal for patients during this process is to access ways to help prevent a relapse.

This controlled setting allows patients to receive proper intensive mental health treatment. Treatment at Austin Oaks Hospital includes observation and diagnosis. Patients may participate in a variety of treatment options while here. These include individual and group therapy opportunities, as well as, medication management. Around-the-clock observation and care are essential benefits that inpatients receive.